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Place your company in the spotlight with a careers page.

A careers page or career website is the place where your potential future colleagues can learn more about your organization. Does the company suit them, and do they suit the company? With a careers page, you can excite your new team members before they have even entered your office!

Why should I choose a separate careers page?

We hear you thinking: “my corporate website looks fine. Why would I need a separate website for my recruitment?”

Whereas your corporate website focuses on acquiring new clients, the aim of a careers page is to inform, excite and convince your future colleagues. You can post job openings, pictures, interviews with employees, your core values and the history of the organisation. Aside from this, you can measure the different types of visitors to your website.

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The most prominent benefits

  • Share your job openings structurally and clearly
  • Tell your company’s story and attract suitable candidates
  • Make your application process easier for candidates and for yourself
  • Distinguish yourself as an attractive employer
  • Link your careers page with an ATS-system and keep track of all the data

Link your careers page with an ATS-system

Your brand new careers page has another function: it can be linked to an Applicant Tracking System!

This enables you to easily track who applied to the job post and in which phase of the application process the candidate is situated. A very useful addition to your recruitment journey!

Want to know more about how a careers page can benefit your company?

A couple of our clients

These organisations already chose our approach. Are you ready to place the spotlight on your company?

Checklist for an efficient careers page

  • Information about your company and its culture
  • Your employees’ stories
  • Where the office is located and what it looks like
  • Videos about your organisation
  • An overview of the job posts with a job alert
  • The employment conditions: financially, growing and learning opportunities, company outings…
  • The responsibilities connected to the vacancies
  • The application procedure, including start and end date and contact details
  • How your company implements corporal social responsibility
  • Social media accounts
  • Relevant blogs and podcasts

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