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Let’s discover a suitable recruitment strategy for your company.

Finding staff via a recruitment campaign can be easy, as long as you’ve got a strong recruitment strategy. That requires a bit of research: what is your ideal target audience, what approach do you choose and how would you like your content to look? Before we get started with the recruitment process, we go over topics such as these. That’s how we create a recruitment strategy that suits you and your organization.

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Creating a strategy step by step

In order to efficiently execute a recruitment strategy, we need to approach it step by step. We write down all the key points, which eventually turns into a strong strategy. This is what we pass on to our creative and recruitment teams.

Step 1

The target audience and job profile

Who is it you’re looking for exactly? Think of your ideal candidate. Imagine their age and location, as well as some (soft) skills, degrees and work experience. Does this person need a driver’s licence, or their own means of transportation? A forklift licence, or experience on a crane? We use this information in the following steps. If you decide to go for a recruitment campaign, we use it to make sure the content appeals to the audience. This information is also used when interviewing candidates.

Step 2

What will be the overall approach

We kick off with a strong foundation. Do you choose an RPO campaign, an online campaign, employer branding or (just) interim recruitment? We discuss which option(s) suit your requirements best. An online recruitment might suffice when you’ve got your own team of recruiters. If you don’t, or if your own team already has enough on their plate, RPO or interim recruitment might be what you need. Would you like to tackle your organisation’s image as an employer? Then employer branding might be the option for you.

Step 3
Step 4

Information for the content

Have you decided on an employer branding or RPO campaign? In that case, we need to establish a couple of things first. Which online platform suits your target audience best? Whereas young people can be found on Snapchat and TikTok, those with technical talent are more prevalent on Reddit. Facebook and Instagram are popular amongst a wide range of audiences. Take the tone of voice and images you’d like to use into consideration as well. Should we display men or women, young people or experienced folk, stock images or your own pictures?

Anything else?

An extra option might improve your odds of finding more candidates. With a video or photo shoot, you can reinforce your recruitment campaign, and you can use the images on your website, socials, or careers page as well. Don’t have a careers page yet? We can create one for you. We can also make your job posts or website texts SEO proof, making them easy to read and well-ranked by Google.

And lastly: analysing and optimising

For a strong recruitment strategy, this is only the start. We execute the plan, analyse the results and optimise based on our conclusions. This way, we keep adapting and improvingour strategy, for optimal results.

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