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This is the cookie policy of Pro Contact B.V. (hereinafter referred to as “P.C.”, “we,” “us” or “our”), a company located at Gyroscoopweg 144C, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. P.C. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 56643160. This cookie policy explains how we use cookies and how we share and protect your information in relation to our website (.com? .nl/en?) (the “Website”). The placing of cookies and the processing of personal data is done in a manner consistent with the General Data Protection Regulation, including the implementing law of this Regulation, or the prior legislation of the Personal Data Protection Act (the “PDPA”), the telecommunications law and all other privacy laws as currently applicable. 


What are cookies? 

Cookies are simple text files stored on your computer, tablet or phone when you visit our Website. Cookies cannot damage your computer, tablet or phone. The stored information can be returned to our servers on a subsequent visit. The cookies are necessary to give you a pleasant experience on the Website. 


Functional cookies 

Functional cookies are cookies that are necessary to make our Website work properly. Without these cookies, our Website cannot function properly. Therefore, you cannot disable these cookies. There is a distinction between permanent functional cookies and session cookies. The session cookies will be removed from our site immediately after your visit. The persistent cookies are stored to prevent you from having to perform the same action again and again. Take for example the purchases that a webshop stores in a shopping cart for you. We do not share the information we collect through these cookies with third parties. 


Analytical cookies 

Analytical cookies are cookies that allow the site to function properly. For example, analytical cookies tell us what’s being searched for on our site, how long it takes for pages to be loaded and where our visitors click on our Website. Analytical cookies may sometimes be placed without your permission. Other analytical cookies are of course only placed with your permission. 

Google Analytics: For our analytical services we use Google Analytics from the American company Google. We use this service to track and receive reports on how visitors use the Website. Google Analytics places a permanent cookie to identify your web browser. This will share your data with Google. We only share data that we may share based on GDPR with Google. We use this information with information from other users. This makes it impossible for us to identify you individually. We have not authorized Google to share your information with third parties. You can completely prevent Google Analytics from recognizing you by disabling cookies in your browser. Google may, however, be required to provide the information to third parties if Google is required to do so by law. The information that Google collects is anonymized as much as possible. Your IP address is explicitly not provided. The information is stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google adheres to the Privacy Shield principles and is a member of the Privacy Shield program of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This means that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data. 

Besides Google Analytics we use these analytical cookies on the Website: SalesFeed, Hotjar, Hubspot. 


Tracking cookies 

Tracking cookies are cookies that are necessary to make the Website work for you. Tracking cookies allow us to personalize the content of the Website to your interests and preferences. In addition, tracking cookies enable us to ensure that you only see relevant ads on our Website and on other sites. Finally, thanks to these cookies, we can ensure that your visit to our Website is and will remain free of charge. With our tracking cookies we cannot find your name, address and email address. 



P.C. uses remarketing services to advertise on third party websites after you visit our Website. We, and third parties with whom we work, use cookies to optimize the advertisements displayed based on your previous visits. Remarketing services are subject to tracking cookies. 

With your permission, we use the following tracking cookies: Including the following remarketing services: 

Google Adwords: Google AdWords remarketing service is provided by Google Inc. We only use Google AdWords remarketing service when you authorize us to do so. You can then disable Google AdWords remarketing by withdrawing your permission. You may revoke your Google AdWords permission in the same place where you have authorized the placement of the cookies required for Google AdWords remarketing. For more information about Google’s privacy policy, please visit 


Turning tracking cookies on and off 

We will only place tracking cookies if you have given us permission to do so. Once you have given your consent, you may withdraw it at any time in the same way as you have given your consent. However, we would like to point out that our site may not work as well for you at the time you withdraw your consent. Once you have withdrawn your consent, we will delete all the information we have collected through tracking cookies. If you give us permission to place tracking cookies again, we will re-place these tracking cookies. 


Social media cookies 

This page includes buttons from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. These buttons work through bits of code that come from these networks themselves. This code places cookies on the Website. We have no influence on this. Please read the privacy statement of the respective social media company (which may change frequently) to read what they do with your (personal) data that they process through these cookies. 

The information they collect is anonymized as much as possible. Companies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ adhere to the Privacy Shield principles and are affiliated with the Privacy Shield program of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This means that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data as referred to in the GDPR. 

Right to inspection, corrections, right to objection and right to data portability. If you want to have access to your personal data, if you want to change or delete your data, or if you want to have your personal data transferred as a whole or partially to you or to a third party, you can contact P.C. by sending an email to or a letter to: 

Pro Contact B.V.
Gyroscoopweg 144C
1042 AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands 


Unforeseen cookies 

We try to keep an overview of the cookies on our Website as best as possible. Third parties may place cookies on our Website. In this case, you will not find these cookies in this overview. These are embedded elements in particular. For example, when a video stored on YouTube is shared on our Website. Do you find a cookie on our Website that is not in this list? Please contact us by sending an e-mail to 


How is the collected data secured? 

P.C. has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. We use security measures to ensure that information is protected via the Website (such as requesting a unique password). However, P.C. cannot ensure that the information on the Website is not opened, disclosed, altered or destroyed. You are responsible at all times for maintaining your unique password and account information and for managing the emails between you and P.C.. 


How is the collected data shared? 

We do not share information collected by functional cookies with third parties. Information obtained with analytical cookies we will only share with third parties without your consent after we have anonymized this data or after we have obtained your consent to share your data. We only share information obtained with tracking cookies with third parties if we have your permission to do so. 



Our website does not knowingly place cookies when the computer, tablet or mobile is used by someone under the age of 16 (“Children”). If we find that we have collected personal information from Children without the consent of their parent or guardian, we will take steps to remove this information from our servers. If you suspect that your child has provided personal information to us without your consent, please contact us at If we have obtained personal data from you when you were a child, we will endeavor to remove this personal data at your request. If you suspect that you have provided personal information to us as a child, please contact us at 


Change of control 

When P.C., or any part of it, is sold, transferred, or our assets reach another organization (for example, as a result of a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution or liquidation), data collected through the Website may fall within the scope of the sold or transferred goods. The buyer or purchaser will have to follow the agreements in this Cookie Policy. 



P.C. may modify or update this Cookie Policy from time to time. You are therefore advised to consult this Cookie Policy on a regular basis. Changes to this Cookie Policy will take effect when they are published on this page.

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